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What you think about in the evening during your free time?
Imagine an athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo. It is not the actual sporting event that makes him better, but the training behind the scenes.
The coaching and the resources to make one better, especially studying and analyzing.
Many coaches comment that he is the first person in training and the last to leave. Ronaldo does not just go home after official training is finished (9-5 for example). He continues to work on his skills that can help himself and the team. Showing the attitude to get better is recognized by his peers and coaches.
How does this compare to your career goals?


For the first time, there was a “Share Technology” session at Outsourceit. The developer, Hai, shared a single page application demo with Angularjs in our main meeting room.
Topic: Share process of building front-end development environment? (Using grunt bower).
Aim: Showing how you can control your project and make the development easier:
+ Manage many file types – css, html, js, etc.
+ Manage third-party
+ Folder structure
+ Version
+ Unit test
+ End to End (Automation Testing)

With an inclusion of Q & A, it took 30 minutes. The meeting was carried out in Vietnamese which helped clarity.

Following this, Hai shared his thoughts regarding the presentation:

Thoughts during preparation:

  • “Very excited to share knowledge and present, even did preparation during public holiday period”

Presenting to the employees:

  • “Felt good as I was fully prepared”
  • “Did not feel nervous after I started talking”

Positives in presenting to an audience:

  • “Happy to show courage in presenting to colleagues”
  • “Would like to present more after over-coming initial nerves”

Any areas that could have been improved from the experience:

  • “Could have been more interactive with the audience”
  • “Less post-presentation conversation than he had hoped for, but a few colleagues still approached”

Survey results after the presentation show a mostly agreeable crowd. Developing good presentation skills is part of improving yourself and your career.
“Share Technology” sessions will be back. Are you up next?

“Outsourceit, where your progress is in your hands”

Rehan Quraishi
Client Service Manager
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