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When we work in a ‘Team’, are we actually part of it? Or, are we just a group of individuals?

If you want the ‘team work’ aspect, the key is to communicate with each other (members and client). This does the following:

  • Builds trust
  • Comfort to talk together
  • Confidence to speak openly
  • Initiates “Small talk” – speak about non-work related areas

Like a football team focusing on the goal, all members have responsibilities in order to achieve the objectives.

When we work in collaboration, we understand each others roles, communicate, and can support in any situations.


2016 was the year that Outsourceit presented to audiences as part of the ‘Agile’ Vietnam conferences.

In the first quarter of the year, we presented “From coder to software craftsman”. This subject focused on being more that just a Developer.

We gave examples from making motorbikes to comparing ourselves to Ronaldo.

The message we wanted to portray was that being a software craftsman is not about knowing everything, but to know as much as possible and be as good as we can. That the ‘team’ is like a puzzle that should not have gaps, but it is normal to have pieces overlap. But with this, each member of a team assist in getting the pieces of the puzzle into place.

A way to establish being a craftsman is to understand the client world. Spend time in understanding the client, the need and their future business plans. ‘Small talk’ is a great way of establishing comfort and key engagement. The key aspect is open communication.

The above assists in establishing value. To be pro-active in order to make the product/process better. ‘Value-added service’ is where an individual goes above and beyond. If we believe in the product, there is more passion to make it better. To take a requirement, analyze and view. Than, try to optimize based on knowledge, talent and creativity.

Survey results after the presentation show a mostly agreeable crowd. Developing good presentation skills is part of improving yourself and your career.

“Outsourceit, where your progress is in your hands”

Rehan Quraishi
Client Service Manager
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