Talented people can be found everywhere but retaining them is getting difficult. Our service aims at creating a strong bond, such that your remote staff will be a long term solution.

First, Outsourceit scours, selects and acquires the right talent with right attitude for you. Whether you need Developers, Architects, Testers, Scrum masters or Project Managers, we can obtain them. We expand your talent search scope in Vietnam where 70% of the population are under 40 years, 290 universities generate 40 000 IT graduates annually and over 5,500 ICT companies only in Ho Chi Minh City- providing you an immense talent pool.

Beyond finding talents…

We belief, the essence of creating a stable relationship lies on having a long-term perspective. This can be difficult to achieve with freelancers, contractors and project based vendors. This long-term perspective is unique to full-time employment.

All our staff are recruited and employed only for you in a full-time permanent position and work from our office. As your remote full time employee, they will work and be part of your internal team. Communicate directly with you and your local staff. Focused on contributing to you, becoming familiar with you, your products and business. Having this outlook from the start enables you and your staff to cultivate a long-term relationship based on loyalty, mutual confidence and trust.

You determine the salary, have more control, able to set clear priorities, create acceptable working conditions and retain top talents in Vietnam- with the added benefits of reduced overheads.

Efficient Collaboration…

Further, we know that cultural differences can impact collaboration. Your staff are technically competent but also need to be culturally compatible with you to make the collaboration work.

At Outsourceit this is solved by placing your staff in our professional workplace that mirrors you and your organization. Staff are grouped into work areas determined by their client country origin and work with a native consultant from that country.

This client centric environment replicates and inculcates your values and attitude. We know that synergy gained from working this way closes the cultural gap. Your staff will have a better understanding of how you work, your business and the industry you are in. At the moment all our staff work in a Norwegian work environment together with our Norwegian technical consultant- making the collaboration efficient.

Growing your Business…

In Vietnam you have the freedom to own 100% of your subsidiary without any form of partnership. When you are ready to grow your business and take further steps- we can transfer your staff to you. If you want to, we will gladly support you with the entire establishment process and provide auxiliary services as needed.