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Why choose us?

We do not have a boss, rather our boss is our friend, we can discuss and talk freely and openly. If you need more time with your family, please come join us.- Phong, Sr. Fullstack Developer, with Aksess Innkjop AS
I have learnt many things from the CEO. The company allows flexible timing for me which I am grateful for. Also, the working conditions are very comfortable- Hanh, Chief Accountant, with Facilitated Work Hub
I never felt like I was just a coder who built some parts of the program of the system. I always have been a true developer, fully involved in all parts of the development and support the real business of Elfo- Truong, Senior Software Engineer with Elfo AS
Facilitated Work Hub is a company that supports and believes in their staffs. This is exactly the working environment in which people can develop and make a difference! I am very proud to partake in the success of FWH- Thuy, Sr. Office & Admin Executive, with Facilitated Work Hub
The flexible time is really convenient for me, especially when I have a child. I can check-in and check-out in the suitable times as long as I complete my working hours per week.- Thao, Senior QA/QC, with Imatis AS