Make it possible with Permanent Remote Employees

Hiring highly skilled and experienced software developers and tech experts are vital in the race to digitalization and transformation but employing them when you need them is difficult. Now more than ever remote working strategies are vital to bounce back and accelerate growth. Facilitated Work Hub offers permanent full time remote software development employees from Vietnam. We do not offer remote workers for projects nor ad-hoc tasks. We believe long term focus offers lasting business success and sustainability.

Facilitated Work Hub is the Employer of Record in Vietnam, handles administrations, payroll, tax and compliance. Including talent acquisition, onboarding, integrating, managing and employee engagement, so your software developer feels part of your work environment. This improves productivity, cost efficiency and employee stability.  As well as allowing you to get control without taking on risks or sacrificing on talent and business goals.

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Better way to grow your tech workforce

Looking to grow your software development team in a sustainable way?

Our Employment facilitation service can help you. Known also as PEO, Employer of Record or Co-employment. We offer long term employment solutions of software engineers. On your behalf, we recruit and hire highly skilled tech professionals in Vietnam. You select the right individual, decide salary, conduct on-boarding and day- to- day employee management. We handle everything related to HR, employment and retention. So you can focus on innovation & growth.

Looking to grow internationally?

Expand into Vietnam

Gain competitive advantage and increase your target markets by going overseas. Vietnam is strongly positioned in Asia and we have the know-how. We register and set up your subsidiary on your behalf and assist you all the way, from initial setup to ongoing operations – and everything in between. With our business facilitation service, you can focus on your core business, as we take care of the rest.

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Discover an alternative to software outsourcing

Tried software outsourcing overseas and failed or heard scary stories from others. Here are some reasons to consider us.

You choose the right person for your job

All software engineers are exclusively recruited for you. You personally interview the software professionals. You select the engineer who has the right skills, qualifications and fits your company culture and values.

Increase your success rate

Your team members are hired to work only for you in full time long term positions. Your software engineers will not be working with other projects or answering to the other clients. You gain loyal employees having vested interest in your success.

Experience transparency

Frustrated with questionable & secretive business practices?  We are, that’s why we are committed to being open. You decide the salary of your employees with us. Securing your employee retention. We take care of all employer responsibilities & disclose the information to you.  

Achieve high retention

New team members in Vietnam are on-boarded into your company culture and integrated into your company as colleagues. This creates a sense of belonging boosting employee engagement. Resulting in lower employee turnover. With stable resources you achieve sustainability & confidently plan for your future.

Enhance your productivity

You set priorities, provide instructions and delegate tasks. Initially these may take more of your time,  in the long run this will help your engineers gain deeper and better knowledge of your product,users and business goals. Your initial investment pays off as your people efficiently develop your software with minimal guidance and supervision.

Strengthen your development

Licensed software in Vietnam cost the same as in western nations or more. So, it is not unusual for vendors to use pirated software to cut cost. This slows down and  harms your development. We purchase and set up your team with hardware and software you want. You pay cost price. Compatible equipment among your teams accelerates progress. 

Want to know how you can confidently grow your business?